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oil pool in intake manifold...emissions nightmare.

hey guys...last may, I tried to pass emissions, but no go...went to my indie and he did some really great **** in less than an hour, and off I went to pass my emissions; however, he said my pcv 2mm hole was clogged and needed to be cleaned. I said ok, but didnt have the money to have it done...well, I took the whole two weeks off work, and dissassembled my entire intake system and air pump tubes, and pcv 2mmport. took my time, looked like just off the showroom floor. Now, i drive the car for many short trips, and he (indie) said that that was causing my pcv system to clog and accumulate oil in the intake man. Well after restoring the intake man. and every part, hose, pipe, tube, clamp, and after rebuilding the entire system, I still have oil puddle accumulation in the basin of the intake...need more feedback as to the solution to this matter, cause may is coming up quick and i need solve this problem...the only thing i didn't do is clean something he called the "baffle" in the valve can i clean this and eliminate it as the problem... please advise...I'm wondering if my many short trips could really be causing this much oil accumulation in the intake manifold. any theories? please advise...thanks
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