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calling Barrie aka "the thermosensor meister"

with the warmer, humid weather my external temp readout is fading in and out again. i figured it's time for some minor surgery on that thermosensor by the license plate. so i dug up those old threads and was pleasantly surprised to find part numbers for the replacement sensor. went on to the newark electronics site and ordered one (did i say one, i meant three!!! - but they wouldn't let me change my order after i submitted it ). the part came today and it wasn't exactly what i was expecting. i mean those leads are thin! so, a couple of questions:

- i have a 100W soldering gun and a 40w iron - use the iron right?
- the smallest shrink tubing i have is what's shown in the picture, should i butt it right up to the head?
- where can i get conductive paste / wax - is that readily available?

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