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Originally Posted by whipplem104 View Post
Oil in the intake is normal. It gets there two ways. One is reversion from the engine and the other is your crank case ventilation.
Your oil consumption is high though for your normal driving. Check with your engine running if the oil cap bounces off the valve cover or does it sit still with it loose. This will give you an idea how much blow by you have. If it is still then you are ok.
I would check for leaks for the rate of oil loss for your daily commute.
One thing for sure is there are no leaks. The oil is burning through the engine. However, The car doesn't smoke at all at the tail pipe. So its burning it off fairly slow. My oil consumption estimate may be incorrect.

This M104 engine has 227,000 miles on it, so the oil consumption is expected to some degree. I will check the blow by as you suggest. Do you know if the oil in the intake comes and goes? If I drive the car for 1000 miles, will the oil eventually evaporate and be burned through the combustion chamber? I was told that the oil pool in the intake was the cause of my poor emmision test results. I was told if I corrected the pcv system and flow that the oil wouldnt get in there. The pcv system is functioning now, so I was disappointed to still see the oil in there.
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