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Check engine Light! Bad idle!

I just bought a used 1989 2.6 6Cylinder 190e...and i am having a few huge problems.

Most of the time when i first start the car the engine runs horribly, and the check engine light randomly flashes. Occasionally i the car will stall and i will have to restart. By the time the car gets warm, it runs decently, most of the time without stalling. But - at any given moment, the check engine light may come on , and the car will surge. When that light comes on, the car is seriousely affected.

When i went to get the car smogged, we ran into a problem. It passed with flying colors on all tests except the co2 output test. My car got a 102, and would have failed if it reached 120. this car should have got a LOT less. Is my co2 problem related to my surginv, and stalling?

By the way, this car is an automatic.

SO any help would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to fix this, because im not willing to drive it if it is going to surge and stall when i am not expecting it to.

Any ideas?
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