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Full Blown Spring Tech Session

Originally Posted by CSchmidt View Post
If there is interest more around Spring time .. I'd be willing to host. I live on Lake Norman and have enough room to park 15 or so cars. We could have a picnic / grill out. I'm about 30 miles North of Charlotte.

I'm up for meeting elsewhere earlier in the year.

That's really very nice of you to offer --- we should put you on the list of location options for GTG's.

Here's what I'm thinking...

In my work, I deal with several differant types of business - and have one customer whose core business is the Diesel industry, primarily Heavy Truck/Commercial Vehicles, but they are also involved in 'automotive' diesel and the world of DuraMax, Powerstroke, Cummins...BUT the tech session I'm brainstorming about is MB Diesel focus.

They are the Bosch Central/Master warehouse for the surrounding 6 or 8 states - They have a drive in facility, a 'dressed' to the nines rebuild shop for pump and injector work - Several hundred thousand $$'s of equipment fully dedicated to Diesel, and a really knowledgeable and sharp guy that runs it...

I actually called the company President/CEO this morning and bounced the idea to him -- he's very curious and open to discussing. He's traveling parts of the next couple of weeks, but will give me a meeting before the end of the year.

So I'm "thinking", just thinking, about maybe a full scale type of tech session - demonstations on injector and pump rebuilds, a remove/replace of same on a MB diesel.....A true southern BBQ meal kind of thing, door prizes --- A really full blown "tech session" open to any and all forum members from everywhere. Make it an East Coast members sponsored event open to all.

I'm also a 23 yr, card carrying member of another 'group' or CCA. That group (we) did/does this kind of thing annually, and it was/is always a huge success and helped to inform and solidify the 'members'. And maybe this format exists already, and I don't know it...

If we set up a small 'committee', round up a few sponsors - primarily for door prize kind of stuff, the actual out of pocket $$'s, or 'registration fee' to all who attend can be done for just a small amount over true per person cost of their BBQ meal. (gotta have tables, chair, tent...and those cost also). IM(firm)HO, the registration fee, paid in advance is a must - as this will help insure attendance, and not leave a select few, holding the bag. And naturally -- the more that attend, the cheaper this can be done.

And of key importance is, an 'open book' financial statment of the event...No hidden monies or expenses of any nature--nothing to create an assumption of, or question of this being anything other than 'non-profit', and it's provided as a service to those who attend.

I'm almost certain I can get a gentleman, who is a Heavy Duty Industry recognized authority on Diesel Fuel, to come in and do a NON BRAND specific presentation on additives, pros/cons, along with Q&A on ULSD, BIO, WVO.....

Anyway - this is alot....but IMHO, it would be a blast, and I'm willing Co-Chair the event with someone - I also have experience in 'rounding up' sponsors which historically have included automotive Factory Dealerships.

Can we do this?? First annual "MercedesShop Diesel Tech Session" event in Greensboro, NC (provided above facility can be 'over taken' for a Saturday )

Let's Diesel Diesel it -- seriously. Randy V.

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