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300E horn stopped working

Here's my problem. Horn worked fine. I changed the turn signal/wiper combo switch and the horn no longer worked. Not only that but the srs light started blinking intermittently. Changed the horn contact ring, the horn still doesn't work . SRS light still comes on whenever it feels like it. My question is, everything was fine until I changed the wiper switch. I didn't unplug anything else, what could have gone wrong.
Something told me that this fix was going to easy.

The reasons that I changed the switch in the first place were:
1. windshield washer didn't work and,
2. the intermittent wiper function didn't work.

Now that both of those problems work, I have the 2 new problems. Can someone point me in the right direction. With the driver's in NYC, I definitely need the horn and need a piece of mind with the SRS light.

Oh yea, I've already jump the horn straight to the battery and the horn works, so it has to be somewhere under the dash.

1986 300E
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