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Marc Lenssen
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sounds good and bad

Hello Arthur, thanks for the fats reply, I was starting to doubt my eyesight and I am not that old yet. So it could very well be that i can not find it because it is not there. That is good. On the other hand I had sort of hoped that it would help me with my idle problem, so if it will not that is kind of too bad.

My 2.8 runs really smooth except when she idles and the tranny is in D or R. Then the revs drop and she gets really shaky as if she is running on a few cylinders too little. The sparkplugs look a little white so I expect the mixture to be too lean. I will exchange the psark plug leads and the tubes below the ignition coils coming weekend and see if this helps.

My shop mentioned a blown head gasket but I am not really loosing any fluids and there is not too much pressure on the coolant system so I doubt their judgement a little.

Ill let you know what happened with the idle after replacing these parts.

Thanks again,

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