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C280 ASR + Limp + Changed OVP

Benzmac and David, thanks so much for your quick replies! The independent shop changed the overvoltage protection relay and fuse, they said that before the change the computer wouldn't give them codes. From the indy's notes I read that Scantool states EA/CC/ISC control unit is faulty. They then checked wiring harness insulation and found no problems. (i was impressed because i learned from you guys that this could be a problem). The notes also say resistance at DM can (2,200)and ASR can(1,510) are out of spec. Dealer now says he can squeeze me in next wednesday. One can or the other I could swallow, but if I gotta do both, maybe i'll just drive it limp.

95 C280 71K
93 Range Rover Classic 135K
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