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The evil servo is not so evil, but Norm is still AC less!

Hey guys,

As you may remember, Tyler posted that Norm had a bad climate control servo and thus ordered a new one to be replaced and installed.

Well I had that done over the last few days, but to no avail. I took Norm in last Thursday, and just got him back today. My mechanic told me that the aux. water pump was ceased, so he replaced it. He installed the new rebuilt servo, and nothing happened.

Now here is where it gets fishy... My mechanic said that the next thing to replace is the "de-ice switch" which would cost about $620. Obviously I told him to hold off on that. But what exactly is a "de-ice" switch? I hope it's not just the defrost switch on my AC cluster, but no way should that be so expensive!

Anyone know what this thing is? And if this is not the problem, anyone know what else might need to be replaced to get the ACCII working? It's a little baffling really!

Thanks for the help guys!
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