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Originally Posted by UriahT View Post
I've never heard of a de-ice switch...
Is the mechanic German?
Maybe he means the monovalve? That can be repaired easily. Does it blow at all, or does it just not blow cold? Do you have heat in high and low settings as well as defrost?
I have nothing, it pretty much just blows air and thats it. No cold air, no heat, just air.

That might be what he is referring to, that piece I have heard of. Neither one of them are German, but I could see him calling it that.

Originally Posted by 79Mercy View Post
I know you thought the servo was bad. What was it doing to make you think it was bad?
Tyler's thread was deleted, but I remember him telling me that heat and cool air worked sporadically, and mostly not at all. Finally it just stopped working all together. If he sees this I'm sure he'll explain, I read the thread but don't remember a ton about it.
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