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Originally Posted by derburger View Post
He's probably talking about the ACC amplifier. When the AUX water pump fries, it takes out the amp with it, or vise-versa. You can take off the glove box inside by taking off the small clips inside the glove box. It's a small circuit board in a black plastic housing. If it's fried, the ACC won't work. You can check if it's toast by looking for burned contacts on it, IIRC rebuilt ones are about $100, you can try to fix it by re-soldering all the joints.

To remove the ACC amp, remove the glove box inside by prying the clips off, take off the amp by loosening 2 screws and unplugging a harness. Also you can test the amp with a multimeter, seach for the exact procedure. New from MB the board probably cost $500 or something rediculous, but rebuilts are good.
This actually sounds familiar, because he told me he would have to get behind the glovebox to fix it. I'll have to open up the glovebox when I get a chance and check it out. This might be exactly what he is talking about. From fastlane, $230, not too bad considering what I could pay...
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