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Originally Posted by derburger View Post
George Murphy sells rebuilt servos and amplifiers, and vacuum diaphragms. IIRC, a rebuilt amp from him is around $100.

Used working ones are $30 shipped on ebay. Search "Mercedes climate amplifier" to find them.

They look like this.

I had to deal with fixing the servo climate control system, and it completely works (it's nice!) so if you need help feel free to ask me. There is a learning curve on ACC work, particularly the older version.
Hmm, I'll have to check that out. If I can get one for $30 shipped, that's awesome! I need to save any penny that I can with Norm! I'll look in to that, thanks!

Originally Posted by JimmyL View Post
That servo amp is very likely your problem. I've never pulled one out of a car at the yards that wasn't fried. Most of them you can see the burned area!!
I hope your mechanic fused your aux water pump. If not you need to do that or have it done.
Yeah he fused it. This is one of the many things he told me about what he did over the phone. See, I can't retain everything that he says, because if I could I could probably rebuild Norm from the ground up! That's why some times I sort of sound "fishy" when talking about what he has done.

He's really thorough and really a great mechanic, but he really likes to replace EVERYTHING possible. I guess if your pocket is deep enough, that's great, but mine isn't really. He really knows what he is doing, I just have a hard time keeping track of all of it! He also uses terms and part names (like the deice switch) that I have never ever heard of, so that throws me for a loop as well.

Oh well, crisis averted I suppose. Thanks for the help!
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