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Thumbs up Memory Box ??

The memory box is under the seat below and to the side of the drive motors. That will be the left hand side of the seat bottom. You will need to remove the seat to access it. The harness from the door switches connects to a modular plug that is hidden under a carpeted cover under the front edge of the seats. The cover is released by grasping it and pulling forwards/ upwards lifting it over and past the steel cross member that hooks to. Two or three small coil springs towards the seat rear attach it under tension. If you have a schematic pin out you may be able to accomplish some testing from the modular plug! Good luck!

P. S. The memory unit I opened was basically a circuit board with an array of a dozen or more coils and associated resistors. If I remember it does not appear to be designed to be opened or serviceable ( yeah that's why I looked! ) but may very well be!

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