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Angry Starter Problems

I have been having alot of trouble with my starter in my 240D.
This is my 3rd starter in 3 months. The first time I just thought it was just old so I got one of the cheepes. It lasted about 2 months be for it started giving me problems. What went wrong with the cheepe was the solenoid would not ingage. So I went to get a Bosch starter. And within the same day the same problem happend the solenoid would not ingage even when bridged the battery cable with the soleniod the starter wouldn't even turn it would ingage when I hit it that even happend with my cheepe. It will spark but it wouldn't ingage. I have made shure that the ground cable is connected from the block to the chasse I have bought a new battery and cables. Can any one tell me why the solenoid keep going out on my starters. When I do bring my starters back to the parts place they are bad.
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