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NEVER FREEZE A CAR BATTERY! - Here in cold Canada - a fully charged car battery can survive -40F no problem AS LONG AS THE BATTERY IS CHARGED. The higher specific gravity of the electrolyte in a charged battery prevents it from freezing. Discharge the battery, or drain it severely and within 4 hours it will be frozen - and worthless. In extreme cold weather here - if a car cranks and cranks and does not start - we have to immediately recharge the battery to prevent it from being destroyed. Apparently when the electrolyte solution has a low specific gravity from being low on charge - ice crystals start to form and if left long enough at below freezing temps. the electrolyte will freeze hard and as it does so - will crack the material off the plates leaving the plastic grid with little or nothing on it - resulting in a battery that is dead or will not hold a usable charge. As I said in a different thread - my daughter had a bad alternator and drove home with her lights on in the dark 17 miles - by the time she got home the lights were very dim (it is a diesel) and the battery was frozen and had to be replaced. - Just my experience with batteries and freezing - Oh by the way - it is a known trick up here that if you freeze flashlight batteries - they will last longer until the time comes to use them. - But they are a different breed of battery than lead-acid.
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