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Well that 245 is only for non-cat versions on an 86. I assume this has one since it is over here. The cat version was rated at 223HP. An 87 and up cat euro 500 had 252hp. US 560s have 238. You could easily do some exhaust work with high flow cats and mufflers and gain back most of that. If I am correct, this car should have true dual exhaust. The differences between the US and Euro cars is, of course, the motor for one. It probably has an E/S switch next to the transmission. This will enable you to start in first gear. Other differences...the bumpers are shorter and cleaner looking. The better headlights, this one might have been converted to US lights, but it can easily be converted back (what I am doing with mine). People will tell you that they will be a problem in the future with parts and all that, but I can tell you from my experience that it is really not that bad. Member Benzman500 can back me up on that one. Probably better than 95% of parts are interchangeable. I'm just guessing here, but I haven't had any problems. Look at this post for some views of "the other side" if you will, Why do Euro cars go for less?

Personally, I think they are making it out to be a little worse than it really is. Just my opinion.
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