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It is interesting to note that Mercedes/AMG put the "new" Mobil 1 with "supersyn" formulation in each and every AMG that leaves the factory...
But then again I only got that from 'what I am told'... :-)
Bo, I do not work for Mobil oil and certainly do not derive any renumeration for someone buying Mobil 1 at their local Wal Mart. The views I express are those of a lubrication professional sharing information I have gathered both from a practical use application or at times good 'insider'information.
I have shared "real" data relative to the Mobil 1 MSDS sheets which have described Mobil 1 with SuperSyn as being PAO based. Since my post on the VW site there have been several other posts confirming what I shared in that the current Mobil 1 formulation contains no Group II or Group III and was still predominantly PAO based and a pure 'synthetic' oil in the true (non Castrol) definition..
George Morrison, STLE CLS
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