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Amin Lalani
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Recently I started having a problem with car. It is a 1982 and in most cases it works
great but I have run across two problems.

My first problem is when driving the car (before is has warmed up completely) the
car seems to lose power for a few seconds then goes to normal then loses power again. There is only a slight dip in power but I would like to get it fixed
before it gets worse.

In Febuary the injector nozzels were replaced as were the injector hoses.

My second problem is the stereo(original). It seems to lose all the
settings if the car is turned off for more than an hour. It used to be
longer but the time has been decreasing. Has anyone run into this
problem before. The great thing about it is that when I turn the car on
the stereo is on and the volume is really high. It helps me wake up in
the morning.