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Mobil 1 has *never* been 100% PAO based. My Monday morning mis-statement was just that and I corrected it in the next post. This was in response to the accusation that Mobil 1 had gone the route of Castrol/Group III. Moreover, my intent was that the formulation was essentially PAO, same as always, and a "real" synthetic. The "original" Mobil 1 formulation was approximately 90% PAO, 8% ESTER and 2% additive carrier group 1 mineral. In talking with one of the product developers, Mobil 1 with SuperSyn is still predominantly PAO, however the ester is no longer used, was removed with the Tri-syn reformulation and was replaced by non-ester chemistry which equals or betters the ester performance.
Regarding working for AV Lubricants. Obviously I have made no effort to hide that relationship. However, Mobil 1 is NOT sold at that site so I do not see any conflict. I am simply sharing information that I glean from good sources, such as the above mentioned developmental engineer. I could/would use any oil but use Mobil 1, Delvac 1 because I feel they are best. The views I express are, again, from my personal, professional experience as a lube engineer and not due to any renumeration.

I am wondering what your reaction would be if a Mobil 1 development engineer offered information on this site; i.e. that his/her information should not be considered, should not be believed due to his/her bias?? It would seem you are at a point where there is absolutely nothing anyone can say or present that can convince you that Mobil 1 with Supersyn is operationally superior to previous Mobil 1 formulations.
George Morrison, STLE CLS
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