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Unhappy Not US Model

Thanks Peter. I live in Malaysia, so I'm not sure if Becker makes different models for this part of the world. I'm trying to get all the pix of the unit in Flickr so that everybody can have a look at the unit. Anyway, I've already keyed in hundreds of numbers but have not be "locked out". So I suspect that there is another button which I need to press after a 4 digit code is keyed in. There is a dp button for bass and treble, and 5 other buttons - *, M, FM, AM and another with what looks like a headphone printed on it. There are also 2 other rocker switches, one with a + and - and the other with a up and down triangle. The unit also has 10 digits, which I presume could be presets 1,2,3....8,9,0.

After a 4 digit no. is keyed in, the 1st digit starts to blink. If I press the up/down triangle after keying in a 4 digit no. (not necessarily after 3 tries)the WAIT sign appears. Then I have to wait a few hours before I can key in another number. Go figure.

I've now resorted to asking around my neighbourhood to see if there's anyone who owns the same model, hopefully they will still have the manuals and the removal tool.

Next I'll be stopping people on the road and asking them if they still have their manuals and removal tool.

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