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I had already pulled the valve pan cover to change the valve stem seals; and upon inspection, noticed that two of the cam lobes had been shaven. Another lobe was scored rather badly. The "shims" I spoke of are the spacers that would take up any clearance between the valve stem and the lifter (if needed).

After speaking with the machine shop that will do the repair, I understand that since the valve seats are going to be recut, that shims may not be necessary at all since they'll probably have to shave the tops of the valve stems anyway after recutting the valve seats.

So I'll be rebuilding the head with: new valve stem seals, lifters, (valve springs), camshaft, rocker arms, valve guides, and what else.... With 210,000 miles, it's probably advisable to mic the cam bearings as well to see if they are still within tolerance. Or is it possible just to bore them and go with an oversize camshaft? I suppose I could go with new cam bearings if need be; but my wallet cringes at the thought of that. What do you think?


Joe Slemp
1986 300E