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Unhappy Still no luck!!!!

I wish I did. It is mildly better today, but still the car has a heavy odor. I've put two bars of fragrant soap in the well with the blower housing to spn some of that smell around, and I've let the car run for about 4 hours total with the heat on high to hasten the aging process of the decomposition. I took aprt both the right air handler stuff and the left air handler stuff behind the dash pod, and I still can't find anything.

With the valves all being vacumm controlled, the critter must have gotten in there when the car was off, then "fell" in a little deeper when the dampers opend up?

I was hoping to get some detailed diretions from someone who perhaps had been through this and had some luck, but nothing yet.
1986 560SL 145k
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