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Send me the serial number. I should be able to get the correct code for you.

Cleeve Morrison
La Jolla Audio Repair

Hi Cleeve, thank you for your offer. I think its very generous of you. Other forums will only give me the code provided I have put in 200 posts + some other condition. Anyway, I wish I had the serial no. to send you. Trouble is, I understand that the unit has to be removed to access the model and serial no.. No one here seems to know how to do it. Those who claim they can want to charge me $150 to take it out, and even then i can't be sure that they really know how. These guys might break it in the process and then thell you that its broken becos its too old and advise that it'll be cheaper if you replace it with a new unit. Even the Mercedes franchise workshop tell you to do that. The cheek of them. I have ordered to removal tool (thanks to Achterberg - see previous post) and am waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully its the right tool. Then I'll be sure to take you up on your offer.

Thanks Cleeve.

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