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Hey Steve, thanks so much for all your input.

"Phillip - Yes, that is what I meant. Your radio has the cassette player, whereas the 4602 has a single CD player internal. Look at my web site and click on 4602."

Oops! I misunderstood that. Ok, so the 4602 looks like the unit that I have, except that the 4602 comes with a built-in single CD player, whereas the one I have has a cassette player instead. Got it. Phew!!!! Solly, Englis no so good. Hehehehe.

I'll try both links you sent me and let you know what happens. As for Cleeve, I'm sure he'll be able to help. Trouble is, I don't have even have the model send him, let alone the serial no.. So now waiting anxiously for the removal tool to arrive. Hope they fit.

Thanks again.
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