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Originally Posted by BabyBlueBenz View Post
After waiting two weeks, I got impatient waiting for the ceramic pads to arrive. I cancelled the order and went with ATE Friction's on all for corners.

I also sprung for some stainless steel braided hoses made by Techna-Fit, which were almost a perfect fit.

Visit for part numbers, then buy 'em at your favorite parts source. They come in different colors too.
I tried ordering the EBC Red stuff last year. I got the same back order story for about 3 months. Finally i found a set of genuine MB pad on E-bay to I tried them out. That was a big mistake. Genuine MB pads are dust bowls compared to the Textars I was using. They do tend to stop better. But I will go back to the Textars and step on the pedal harder.

What do you mean by Techna-Fit hoses are almost a perfect fit.
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