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Originally Posted by compress ignite View Post
Akebono Ceramic

Little or no DUST,Great Stopping Power
(The Ceramic/Copper combination allows these pads to absorb HEAT quicker
and disperse it faster also.)
I agree! I have Akebono Euro pads on all four corners of my 2002 S500 with MB brand rotors and am very satisfied. The lack of dust is exciting and I've had no squeals. I can't tell any difference in braking from the OE pads I removed.

Unfortunately, they are not available for the front of either of my 1992 cars...
02 S500
92 500SL
92 400E
87 300E (Sold)
83 300D Turbo (Sold)
75 300D (Sold)
74 240D (Sold after 20 years)
65 Mustang 5.0 (w/Electronic Fuel Injection)
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