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OK, I have a VERY slightly lumpy idle (my engine mounts are also shot which
makes it hard to feel the shudder) on my 91 300CE with 12V M103.

I've read that placing a 470ohm resistor inline with the coolant temp sensor can often alleviate this problem.

I dont want to put such a high value resistor in there.. I have some 200ohms
lying around that I was going to use.

Anyway, I pulled off what I thought was the temp sensor (upright large
plug - about spark plug sized - 4 pins) unplugged it, and snipped the jacket
away... Now, Which wires do I want to splice the resistor into? It has *4*

I presume one set is the engine management set and the other set is the dash
gauge set. Anyone know which is which????

Also, in drive or reverse with my foot on the brakes, there seems to be an
intermitant *bang* thru the brake pedal mostly. Could this be the fact the
engine is missing (it seems to idle at 500rpm in gear)

Is there something that tell the engine to increase speed when you select
gear? Where is it and how can I check it?

Sorry for all the questions folks, but I want to get my 'toy' working
properly, and also make sure nothing is getting damaged while its running
rough. starts hard aswell (joy!!)



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