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The cat version of the 500 is rated at 185-200 BHP and gets far less gas milae than I ever got in my 500. As for parts not at all a problem you can actullay switch most 560 parts into the euro 500 is what I found. People call the 5.0 engine the money pit espically the euro 5.0 that is a bunch of bull of course it is more than a chevy to fix but the parts last twice as long. Personally I rate this engine as a 9 to 10 just because It seems perfectly balanced as well as the rest of the car. (rear end slids around with no weight in the rear when fast you take fast curves) And the High speed driving is great! I rember my dad going 130mph with 3 people in the car and the a/c on.
personally I would go for it but then again its me.
Euro bumpers below
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