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Engine stumbles and misses?


Well here goes, I did a search, but didnt find anything. Car is a 90, 300CE, 24v, 180k miles.

Was driving on the freeway, suddenly, major power loss, car seemed to be suckin air, kind of a burr sound, then slight popping, it will run fine at very light throttle, less than one inch pressed down. Any type of acceleration, more than verry slight, it fumbles and boggs out.

Replaced the plugs, last week, new gas last nite, replaced both fuel pumps, and filter, about 5 months ago.

Could the coil be failing?? Bad gas? Vacuum leak?

Any sugestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Just sold em all !! Curently driving a, 06.5 VW GTI

90' 300CE
Euro Lights w/wipers, Clear corners, 17" Monoblocks, K&N Airfilter, Sportline Suspension, Custom SS single muffler exhaust
80' 300D
96' Harley Davidson, XLH 1200
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