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Becker Grand Prix again

Hi Cleeve and Steve,

Hope you guys had a wonderful New Year.

Today, I received a plain white 3.5" by 6.5" envelope from the USA. Inside were the Becker removal tools I ordered about 2 weeks ago.

Eagerly, I went and tried to see if they fitted the model I have. I followed the enclosed photocopy of the instructions, inserted the keys (quite a tight fit) and guess what?

THEY WORKED!!!! Out came my stereo unit and attached are some photos I took. More questions..... but first, the serial number is BE2140S2201449. I think the model no. must be EC107.

Cleeve, hope you'll be able to get me the code. Thanks in advance.

New questions:

Pix 1
What is the number below the bar code "2140DX6S2201449". It's the same number as the serial number except without the "BE" at the front but with an extra "DX6" in between 2140 and S2201449.

Pix 2
There is also another number which is stuck on the back of the removable face plate that reads 214012256502350574. WHat number is this? Is this the VIN?

Pix 3
The rear of the unit. I have disconnected the aerial from the bottom left hand connector. Are there supposed to be other wire connected apart from those in the pix?

Pix 4
In this pix, you can see 5 loose connectors. 1 green connector, 1 yellow connector, 2 black connectors - 1 with white ring, 1 with red ring, and the 5th is a blue wire with a discoloured see through plastic insulation connector.

Should I be concerned with them? If so what are they for and are they supposed to be connected somewhere.

Thanks guys.

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