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Hard Ride

Hello all, I'm having a problem with my 91 300E 180,000Km, the ride is hard. The car does not take small bumps well at all. I noticed the problem some months ago and ended up replacing all 4 shocks. (front right shock was leaking) The new shocks did not improve the situation all that much, the ride was still hard. I replaced the motor mounts a few weeks ago also, hopeing this would eleviate the hard ride - no such luck. (old front right mount was 1 inch shorter than new mount, car ideles with no vibration now ) The tires are new, <9000Km, stock size and inflated to correct psi.

I need the advise of the forum members on what component(s) to zero in on for replacement. I've just spent some time reading archived posts on sub frame mounts as a possible cause, but from what I read the symptoms don't fit my problem.

Returning my car to a comfortable ride is high on my priority list.

Cheers for now
91 300E
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