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I didn't notice the US bumpers .vs. the Euro bumpers on the W126 until I started going to this site.

The US W123 bumpers are obviously bigger.. however I didn't know that the US 126's have big bumpers too.

No! The Euro bumpers look a lot better on that car! (W126) Let's not even talk about the headlights... Especially the older style ones, and believe it or not, in Indonesia people swap their Euro headlights for US style headlights (123/126/124/etc).

I guess it pays to be different. My dad just picked up a pair of W123 Bosch headlights (new stock) for $160/pair. He actually went to a Benz shop and the guy quoted him almost $500 for the US headlights... hehehe... then when he told the guy that he was buying headlights for a US car the guy just didn't know what to say.
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