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dash lights

1) The dash lights on my 87 190E is not working, When I got in and drove it last night thatís when it happen, I turn the head lights on it came on but no dash lights! It worked the night before, so not sure whatís going on.
2) This morning Iíd check the fuse (main fuse box under the hood) it was ok, but changed it anyways just incase thereís hairline cracks, turn the dimmer back and forth a few times, also check the reverse lights it worked ok too.
3) The auto gear shifter light is the only one that works, but I donít think itís in the same path. Iím in the process of moving so I donít have the manuals with me.
4) Iíve been searching the posts, a lot about another fuse behind the instrument cluster, I donít have one if I recall when I took this assembly out to replace the capacitors on the clock.
5) My questions are:
a) Am I looking in the wrong place for the ďfuseĒ that some of you are talking about?
b) If no fuse in my car (87 model but manufactured date Nov 86), what could be wrong?

Thanks for any help
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