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rotary ac vs. piston R12

Does anyone have experience retrofitting with the newer type rotary compressors on 1980's MB using R12?

My compressor is making lots of noise and I know it needs replacing. Last year I replaced hoses and had the system recharged. Plenty of cold ac, but had to put up with the noise all summer.

My dad who lives in Hawaii, tells me how he replaced his 66 Mustang with a retrofit rotary compressor, that does not drag the engine down with it. He checks his girlfriends 86 280SL (euro) and finds it is the identical part. Switches hers out and lo and behold, no more engine overheating (she uses the AC almost 24/7). The product exceeds his expectations and Dad is telling me that, even though I have sufficient Hp, I should opt for the rotary from a wear and tear/mpg benefit perspective.

Does this make sense?
Are rotary's available for R12?
Or should I stick with a rebuilt A6?

Summer in the high desert is quickly approaching ... help!
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