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190e 2.6 1991 (M.B. Doc any help??)


I just get the w201 shop manual cd online. I need it to perform the troubleshooting procedure on my idle air control valve...

The m103 engine on the cd is for an older version 1987, at that time the OVP was supplying battery voltage to the IACV and they do not have MAS realy but fuel pump realy, the CSI was a 25 pin instead of a 50 some pin like mine.

On a 190e 2.6 1991 the the OVP (pin87L) feed the CSI and then the CSI feed the IACV, on mine the voltage isn't 12 volts, anyone know what the voltage should be.
Does the voltage change when the engine warm-up??
Anyone know or have the procedure to be perform on this model to check the IACV.
The IACV work well if I apply 12 V on it.

My other question is, my crank sensor read 500ohms (Hot or Cold) the specs say 680 to 1200 ohms... Should I replace it???

I' m after a Sudden Stalling Syndrom at -15 to -20 C

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