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['93 190e 2.6] Vibration @ 65-70mph

Hello friends.

I had to drive down to Springfield this weekend, and I noticed
a vibration when I accelerated and set the cruise at about 65-
70.  It's not noticable at lower speeds, and it seems to get 
better if I accelerate to 80 or 85.

I was traveling on a rough road that was under construction
before I got on the Interstate, and I'm wondering if I knocked 
one of my wheels out of alignment.  My mechanic checked the
entire suspension and found no problems.  He suggested having
the wheels spin balanced and aligned.

Specifically, the symptoms are:
*Upon accelerating to 65-70 mph, the gas pedal begins to vibrate.
*Noticable vibration on the floor below the pedals.
*"                 " in the driver's seat.
*"                 " in the steering wheel

I'm going to have the wheels balanced today.  Do you all think
that's what the problem is?  I took a trip last weekend and had
no such problems.  Always something!!  :)

Thanks for your comments.
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