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Originally Posted by dkveuro View Post
See...another Climate Change projection skewed by something they didn't know a few weeks ago !

Constant changes in average mean temperature are supported by ice core samples.

This clammer to do it now rather than later to save the planet is getting hysterical to the point of most folk switching off.

Al Gore is mostly WRONG and has too much invested to climb down on the hysteria....follow the money !

Always has been change and always will be.....what is the latest view on the below winter temperatures across Europe just now ? the 70's it was Ice Age coming......

Let's face it...they don't know .

...and another thing...if all the different species are in danger of extinction , how come they are still here after all the previous shifts in temperature?
Gore may or may be not completely wrong. I'm not sure if you or most of his critics know enough about the matter to conclude that he's wrong.

I mean, I doubt he's right about all of his claims but I find this utter assurance that there is absolutely nothing to worry about on this matter naive.

Those species that went extinct in previous die-offs are not "here," perhaps some critter similar that was on a similar evolutionary branch survived, such as Woolly Mammoths gone, elephants still here.

Life will go on on the planet, I have little doubt of that. However, the lag time between catastrophe and recovery might be a little longer than most of us can handle.

Or maybe pockets of people will survive here and there, overcoming great hardship, as has happened many times. If you want to believe the people who study these things that is.

ps: Not to be an ass, for your own good and all, it's "clamor."

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