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Exclamation Sudden Idle problems...and panic.

Yesteday evening I pulled up to a stop light and suddenly felt an irregular, fairly hard shudder at idle. This morning it was there as well. The bad idle seems a little more pronounced this morning.
It seems fine at all speeds but idle. If I shift to Neutral at rest, the RPM's climb slightly and things are better. It may stumble when I pull off, but that could be my imagination as well. It also could be the engine is rougher at speed, but I really don't think so..

I purchased the car 3 weeks ago. 10 days ago I had the dist. cap., rotor, fuel filter, oil/oil filter, transmission fluid/filter and plugs all changed just becuase (not becuase of any poor performance). It has been perfectly fine until last night.

The panic? First thing I thought of was the timing chain. Why? Because my car has 110,000 and I know I need to get it done as a maintenance item. And, that would be the worst case scenario.

Seriously though, could it just be a bad (or loose) plug wire that affects it only when the RPM's are low and spark weaker?

Please help! The good MB garage near here is backed-up and I don't trust anyone else!

Thanks in advance,



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