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If the car is right, I wouldn't get too excited about a collision. It's easy and cheap to have a bodyshop do a quick exam to find in the car is straight.

If you have time, then be patient. Watch for a clean black five speed. Even at $8500-$10,000, you'll be better off buying a running car than a project. With the project, you're at $8500 and have done no other work. It's pretty rare to find a perfect car that "only" needs an engine. The SLS might need attention. ACC and cooling. A cared for car generally does not suddenly wear out it's engine.

Years ago I looked at a smoke silver 16V. The engine was on it's last legs. The odo said 200,000 kilometers. The tranny was starting to buzz in a couple gears. The seat cushions were sagging really badly. 200K? More like 500K!

The problem with buying a 16V in 2002 is that the last of the 16V's were sold fifteen years ago.
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