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Originally Posted by FLYNAVY View Post
Have you actually sourced said engine, or are you just dreaming? If you haven't picked it up yet, I highly encourage you to reconsider. I'm one of the biggest proponents of the big engine in little car concept, but being intimately familiar with the hassle of simply putting a (much smaller) m117 V8 into a w201, I can tell you with confidence that this project will be incredibly expensive and filled with problems. If your wallet and leisure time knows no bounds, then by all means continue. To give you a rough idea of the numbers involved with this, I would estimate this to be at least a 30k USD project, if not much more depending on how well you do it. And that is assuming you do it yourself.

If you do have a lot of experience in fabrication, motor swaps, and more importantly modern MB electronics, then you will at least have somewhat of an advantage. That is pretty much the only circumstance in which I would recommend doing this swap, and of course with the knowledge of how expensive it will be. Good luck my friend!
Fly Navy
Hows your project?

The M117 a good example of an engine about the same width as the M120. So we know width wise were in the ball park. We also know that the 201 came with a 2.6L M103 straight 6. I don't know if it ever came with the 3.2L M104 that was after my time. A V12 is only about 1 inch longer than a straight 6 so we may still be in the ball park there. I have personally measured the M120 and it is 34" long from fan to bell housing mount. It also weighs in at 667 Lb with the 722.6 transmission installed. If you remove the fan its about 2" shorter but that distance will only be taken back up with an electric fan.

Fly Navy's estimate seems high. I spent 40K including the purchase of the two cars and the interior and other mechanical restorations of the 560SL. The actual transplant with car and donor in hand is now at $15K plus $5K for tools and consumables.

I know where theirs an M120 engine for sale.

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