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Old 09-02-1999, 11:00 PM
Bob Cavazos
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Since someone asked for opinions about the CD ROM manual, I'll give you mine.

I am not as impressed as Benzmac with the quality of the drawings and graphics, at least for the W107. Perhaps other series are better. I am making an assumption the the paper manuals are clear and readable. Most of the stuff I can make out, but the wiring diagrams leave a LOT to be desired.

I also found the ETM a bit confusing to use. I orginally thought that a great deal of the pages were forgotten on the transfer, but I did manage to find all the drawings and pictures. Some of the pages remind me of the photocopies I've done out of reference books at the college--a little crooked and not real sharp.

It is handy having all the manuals in one small space, and you can zoom in on any page, however the quality does not get better as the size increases.

Would I buy the CD ROM again? Yes, but I would still prefer the paper manuals.

My two cents.

Bob Cavazos