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Originally Posted by Roncallo View Post
Fly Navy
Hows your project?

The M117 a good example of an engine about the same width as the M120. So we know width wise were in the ball park. We also know that the 201 came with a 2.6L M103 straight 6. I don't know if it ever came with the 3.2L M104 that was after my time. A V12 is only about 1 inch longer than a straight 6 so we may still be in the ball park there. I have personally measured the M120 and it is 34" long from fan to bell housing mount. It also weighs in at 667 Lb with the 722.6 transmission installed. If you remove the fan its about 2" shorter but that distance will only be taken back up with an electric fan.

Fly Navy's estimate seems high. I spent 40K including the purchase of the two cars and the interior and other mechanical restorations of the 560SL. The actual transplant with car and donor in hand is now at $15K plus $5K for tools and consumables.

I know where theirs an M120 engine for sale.

Project is coming along very slowly, but I have a plan in the works to get it on the road in the next couple of months. Work has been way too busy for me to work on a car 2200 miles away Can't wait to see your r107 on the road again BTW, looks like it is really close!

It will be very tight.....the 117 already is extremely tight w/o major modification and it took some really creative headers and "downpipes" to make things work. Not saying it won't fit, just that it probably won't be ideal w/o a lot of work. The major difficulty will be wiring and simply getting all the little things to work......fuel lines, engine cooling, throttle actuator, steering pump, etc. For my project, the details were the hardest and most expensive and time consuming part. Roncallo may be right that my estimate is high, but that is a conservative estimate that you should probably be prepared for. I have paid over 15k for my swap thus far and it is still a roller, where I had originally planned to not spend more than 5k.

Having the new drivetrain is a good start. Should be a cool project if you feel ready to go through with it.
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