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Thumbs up Thanks guys – It’s good to “see” you both again!

I apologize for my ignorance on the idiosyncrasies of this model – once again, I find myself on the steep end of the learning curve.

I took the air filter cover off this morning, and lo & behold, the ground wire is decaying like some sort of ancient archeological artifact. So we’ll need a harness at the very least.

While I had the cover off, I discovered that the threaded portion (length adjuster) of the throttle cable housing had snapped off, so that the throttle pedal is not actuating the linkage properly. (Interesting – I figured that since this is a drive-by-wire throttle, that the gas pedal would be hooked up to nothing other than a spring & a potentiometer. Ignorance reigns supreme )

I looked at all the code 19 information in the archives – Yikes! I noticed that someone had hacked an EPROM with the new code. I hope that this may be available as an alternative.

Do either of you know what the current mind-set of Mercedes North America is regarding replacement harnesses? One dealer said that MBZ ‘might’ pay for the harness if the dealer installed it – at 7.5 hours of labor! (Maybe the mechanic is a paraplegic working with his feet ) Ideally, I would like to get the harness from MBZ & install it myself. Do you guys have any suggestion on who or where I should start with at MBZ on this issue?

Thank you so much for your help with this!


Steve, I looked at the article in the DIY section – a good primer for us ‘shade tree’ types! Excellent article, but then again, what else would I have expected?
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