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Here are some facts...

Yes, WorldPac is our supplier for FastLane.
MercedesShop was one of the first 3 web sites to offer direct shipping to retail customers via WorldPac.

Although the parts come from WorldPac, our customers look to us to provide the following:

1) Free tech info via our Shop Forum. Our parts sales fund our web site.

2) Toll free access to Phil via 1-888-333-4642 for parts ID help

3) Warranty, quality or returns support when things don't go as planned. We have been around on the web for several years and don't plan to go out of business tomorrow. Be careful buying from the small sites that might be gone before your parts warranty expires!

In addition to FastLane we also have PartsShop. WorldPac is NOT the supplier for PartsShop. In fact, we have several suppliers that we use based on the products that are ordered. We like to be able to offer several alternatives to our customers.

To sum it up...
Value = price + service
Low price and lousy service don't add up to value. A fair price and good service is a much better deal.
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