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Thats why I use this sites fastlane and Call phil when I want to place an order. I know I'll get the right part the first time.

When I needed to do my front brakes, I called phil, and he recommended me the ATE Discs and pads, and they were a perfect fit, and work great.

I will not hesitate to order again and again using the fastlane or partsshop on this site.

In fact if all goes well with the insurance company check I am getting, I'll probably order the necessary parts for my car from here myself, and take them to my mechanic to have installed or to my bodyshop.

As far as some items, if I need it right away like today, I have to go to local parts suppliers. in the case of my radiator, I was able to get one the same day mine broke and had it in by nightime. The price I paid was a good price, but thats only because I went through my mechanic who I have known since 1987, and he always treats me well. He managed to find me the radiator for a few dollars less than what I could have gotten it for elsewhere, and I got it a few hours after my radiator broke. That is the only time I have not utilized phil and fastlane here.

When I wen to buy spring pads for my car, the dealer sold me the wrong size ones, and refused to take them back, so I just went to fastlane, and ordered the right ones and they came and were the right ones.

There is definately something to be said about good customer service, and I would rather utilize phil and fastlane than anywhere else for parts.

As Bill just said, low price but no service isn't much of a deal. Fair price plus good service, now thats value. I agree 100% with that statement.

So to finalize, Thank you Phil, Bill, Donnie and Mercedesshop for the parts resources and technical information you have provided us.

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