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Stupid Question

Ok, I can't tell you how embarrassed I feel posting this, but I have to ask. My car didn't come with an owner's manual so I figured I could figure out how to turn on the air conditioning myself. Well.... no luck ...
Unless maybe there's something that isn't working properly.
I have an '86 300E. Since I see no button for the A/C, I figured I probably turn it on to one of the non-economy fan setting and turn the dial all the way over as far as it goes on cold. I never got any cold air to come out and I messed with the re-circulate button and a few others. Can someone please put me out of my pathetic misery? Come to think of it, I don't think I tried the defrost (very left) fan setting, but I don't think that would do it... or then again maybe im wrong. Please someone help me
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