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Angry Tearing hair out

Originally Posted by Cleeve View Post
Send me the serial number. I should be able to get the correct code for you.

Cleeve Morrison
La Jolla Audio Repair

I started off with only knowing the make and range of the original radio/cassette player. Bought the removal tools from USA (I'm in Malaysia) which arrived on 2nd Jan 2009. Removed the unit, found out the Becker Grand Prix was a model 2140 with serial number BE2140S2201449, then today, after searching high and low and every stranger on the street with a 1995 MB E280 Masterpiece (W124), I managed to get BOTH the owner's manual for the car as well as that for the stereo. So now I know how it's supposed to work and how the correct CODE should be keyed in and entered sad:: rolleyes3 , but still ......... I don't have the correct code.

Cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spend 4 hours in the car, most days, and in the massive traffic snarls here in KL, having the radio on certainly will be a big help, both to keep me awake and also entertained. Just waiting to try the code you offered.

Thank you.
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