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Power steering problem W124 300CE 24v

I have been through 18 pages of back postings to find this fault but no luck .
I noticed this fault a couple of days ago, when stoppred at lights, I heard a thumping scraping sort of noise coming from the side of the car in front of the driver. The strange thing was the regular frequency of it at about every 4 seconds.
I left the engine running and had a look under the hood and the noise was related to the upper power steering hose pressurising and moving until it was as rigid as the clips would allow and then there was a noise like a PRV relieving and the hose would deflate and relax and then it would pressurise again.
The steering is performing normally and there are no abnormal noises when turning the car but still have this problem and can hear the noise when the car is stopped.Is this a pump pressure regulation promlem ? or maybe a blpocked filter?
Anyone any ideas ?
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