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Unhappy Groaning engine sound

Sunday night while leaving a stop sign, there was a pop, and from then on I have had a constant groan from the front of the engine bay. Only present with the engine running and has a rhythmic quality that increases with speed. Seems to be coming from the belt area, but I am suspecting hypraulic pump because the ride seems different than it did, harder.

No visible leaks from the rear shocks, accumulators or lelevling switch. Fluid level is fine and fluid is pumping through with no air visible. The whole time we've had this car there have been popping noises-3 or 4, in the first 10 minutes or so after shutting off from a drive. I figured it was the rear suspension settling. I've not noticed it since Sunday though.

If the accumulators have gone south, could it cause the pump to strain and groan? If it is the pump, is it likely gone? Can I remove the fuse for the hydraulic pump, start the car and see if the noise is gone? Thanks.
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