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722.6 K2 Clutch Drum Hell


I tried to put this in tech help but for some reason I've been unable to post to that forum.

I have a major fire going on here. The M120 powered 560SL is on hold until this can be resolved, which unfortunately looks like it may require lots of money.

I was overhauling the transmission and everything was going fine until I went to install the new $600.00 input shaft and K2 clutch drum. Apparently the original had 78 teeth and the new one has 90 teeth. The part number I ordered is 140 270 12 25 and that is the part number on the box. Since I had to modify the output shaft with a Sonex reducing bushing I'm really up the creek and have to replace this input shaft.

So my question is did I interpret the EPC correctly or did I possibly get a miss boxed part. Since I ordered this 2 months ago I will need to get my story straight to return it.

The way I understood the EPC in this case was that my car came with a 140 270 04 25, which was replaced by a 140 270 16 25 which was replaced by 140 270 12 25 and required additional steels and a piston. I did check the data card and I do have the originally installed transmission 722.621 serial number 0010765.
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